Play Your Biggest Game Ever!

“How to PLAY Your Way to Success and Abundance!”


What if Instead of working for a living, you could be PLAYING – for a LIVING?

What if instead of waking up every day dreading the next 10 hours of your day, you knew that your hours will be filled with things you absolutely loved doing?

Sounds great, right? But you probably immediately have a list of reasons why you can’t do that.

So while you’re thinking about that, think about this:

How much time do you allow yourself to play? I mean really PLAY!

The fact is that far too many people NEVER allow themselves to cut loose and just enjoy life. Some people even feel guilty just THINKING about taking time for themselves in that way when there is “so much work to do.”

But did you know that play actually gives you access to far more free time and abundance than working all the time?

Do you realize that playing is an ESSENTIAL part of being a human being, and that if we ignore our natural desire to have fun and express ourselves in that carefree way that play allows, we actually cut ourselves off from an incredible amount of our potential?

NUMEROUS scientific studies clearly demonstrate the power of play and the impact it has on our quality of life, health, and abundance.

So WHY aren’t you playing?

Well, from our many years of experience in “playing” with people in their journey to create lives they love, there are a few reasons:

First, we’ve bought into the idea that “hard work” is the only way to financial success and stability. We’ve been told that filling our lives with “hard work” is the responsible approach, and that PLAYING is something we have to earn only AFTER we’ve put in enough hours at the office.

But there’s another reason we don’t play…and it’s even more disturbing: We’ve simply forgotten HOW.

Seriously. People have become completely disconnected with their sense of play because it’s been so long since they’ve allowed themselves to just relax into being who they really are, and doing what they want to do JUST for the sake of DOING IT!

Think for a moment about the impact that overwork has on our lives. We become stressed, emotionally overwrought, physically exhausted and sick. We feel completely at the mercy of our ever-growing schedules and as we continue to over-commit we’re literally drowning in work.

This absolutely kills creativity – and creativity is the SOURCE of abundance. Creativity is the SOURCE of personal fulfillment and happiness. If we aren’t able to express our true selves through creative play, we are literally living a half-life – at BEST!

We want to help bring you back to LIFE through the Power of Play!

And although you may immediately come up with reasons that you don’t have time to play – or you might question how this is going to bring back your vitality, love of life, and financial abundance, just keep reading and you’ll soon understand why investing in yourself and your PLAY time is the best investment you can possibly make.

Forget about money for a minute…

What if you had all the time in the world to do what you wanted? How would you play with that time?

Really think about that for a minute. It’s really important that you take a moment and tap into that feeling

What would it be like if PLAYING was TOTALLY OK?? WHAT would you do…and how would that feel?

Hopefully, you’re able to tap into that feeling.

If not? Well, I get it. But believe me…there are ways to not only access that feeling again, but to turn that feeling into an absolute game changer in virtually every area of your life.

Your relationships will improve.

Your creativity will flourish, creating numerous new opportunities for financial abundance.

Your energy level will skyrocket.

And overall, life will just be a far more enjoyable experience – and that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be!

Because of our years of experience in the personal transformation business, we have seen the transformative power of play work absolute miracles time and time again, and now more than ever see what stress and overwork is doing to individuals, families, and even nations!

This is why we created our revolutionary program:

“Play Your Biggest Game Ever!”

…and just listen to what we deliver in this Playfully Powerful 4-week Program:

  1. You’ll be part of a virtual and fully interactive online playground where FUN is the order of the day!
  2.  You’ll finally reconnect with your true essence – that part of you that is craving full joyful expression!
  3. You’ll create a powerful inspiring vision for yourself around the game you want to play in life! You’ll be so lit up and excited, you’ll hardly be able to believe it!
  4. You’ll be given specific techniques and processes to unleash that playful part of you that might currently be buried under years of limiting beliefs about what’s “appropriate” and “responsible.”
  5. You’ll open yourself up to new ideas that can generate entirely new streams of revenue in your life and possibly even create a whole new career! (Really! This can happen!)
  6. Best of all, you’ll be part of a community that is supporting each other as we each take powerful inspired action toward our vision. These relationships you make during these 4 weeks will stay with you for life, because you’ll all be going through a powerfully transformative process and you’ll have gone through it together and BECAUSE of each other and the amazingly fun processes you learn during the program.
  7. Every DAY of the for weeks will be started with a playful message from us to get your head and heart in the right place and KEEP it there.
  8. With our help, you’ll create a specific action plan that involves play, play, PLAY every step of the way that gets you ever closer to realizing a life you absolutely LOVE
  9. And really, these benefits are just scratching the surface!

For less than the price of a daily cup of coffee and a donut (Mmmmmmmmmm….donuts…..), you’ll be fully supported through a transition from a life of overwhelm and overwork, to a life of sheer exhuberance and passion – and all that comes with it!

In a nutshell, here’s how this all works:

We meet live once a week in our online playground which allows us all to meet “face to face” (if you have a webcam) and interact.

Each week we’ll be bringing you lessons, insights, tools, and techniques ALL of which are designed to re-ignite your passion for life through the playful expression of who you’re truly meant to be!

This is a real, INTERACTIVE experience which is far more personal and engaging than a regular teleseminar or webinar where you’re being “taught at.” This is a truly engaging experience where you’ll receive personal attention from us, AND your fellow participants.

At the end of each call you’ll have a fun assignment to take on during the week to prepare you for the next session.

But you’re not left alone between calls. Oh, no.

Every day, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group where we will ALL share our progress, ask questions, provide support, and just have fun in general!

And every day, you’ll hear from us with through our “Mirthful Morning Minutes” which are designed to start your day with a smile, and shift your energy and intention to a day full of playful productivity!

This ability to connect daily through the Facebook group is absolutely KEY! Left to our own devices, we all too often get caught back up in what we’ve been referring to as “real life.” That doesn’t have to happen…and in fact, we can’t LET that happen!

We committed to helping you create new HABITS around play, and you’ll be amazed – absolutely AMAZED – at what will happen over the course of just four weeks with consistent action and intention.

Look, this isn’t just some “soft and fluffy” distraction we’re talking about. This is a POWERFULLY Transformative Process that ALSO promises to be some of the most fun you’ve ever had.

We promise you, this will be the most fun four weeks you’ve had in a long time, AND the most transformative.

Remember though – this is Transformation through PLAY, not “hard work.” You’ll actually ENJOY this every step of the way…EVERY day!

One last time, I want you to fully consider:

  • If your life were full of more play, you’d be happier, right?
  • If you’re happier, your mind is open and your energy light.
  • In a playful state, you’re naturally more attractive to others…and relationships improve…and you attract brand new ones!
  • In a playful state, you’re naturally more creative – so ideas flow in easily and effortlessly. All you have to do is take action on these ideas, and you can launch new businesses, express yourself artistically, and even create movements that can change the entire world.

And all of this in just 4 weeks of LIVE interaction!

  • Powerful coaching from industry leaders who know and experience the power of play every day.
  • A beautiful community of others who share the same passion for life and desire to play full out.
  • Specific proven processes that allow you to shake free of the “hard work is the only way” mentality and leap back into your natural playful state that we were all born with!
  • Daily support from a variety of fun and playful sources!

We can’t wait to meet you and play with you, but you’ve got to hurry up and jump into our sandbox because the first session starts  January 15, 2013 – and we don’t want you to miss ANY of the fun!

Grab your spot right now! Because you joined us through the “Success Mindset Strategies Telesummit” with Debbie Bermont, we’re taking $100 off the already low registration fee of $297 and slipping you in at just $197 for the entire 4 weeks (Plus you’ll have exclusive access to our big Celebration Party at the end! Woo hoo! Lots of cools surprises await!)

Register now, and we’ll immediately send you everything you need to be ready to join us on the first call!

Have fun!!


Bob & Lynn (and Cody the Happy Dog!)



 January 15, 2013 Start Date

P.S. We just want to make clear that although this is all about fun and play, you are going to experience some serious transformation during our time together, and we believe that who you become in this four weeks is going to impact those around you in significant ways! They’ll want what YOU HAVE!!