Welcome to Fun with Bob and Lynn

Bob Doyle and Lynn Rose come together in the most delightful way as they bring you the Fun with Bob and Lynn Podcast, as they’ve been doing in various forms since 2012.

Bob and Lynn bring a professional background of entertainment, personal development, music, and broadcasting all together in the form of what can only be described as indescribable blend of banter, music, humor, and even some personal transformation thrown in for good measure.

You’re also getting an inside look at the dynamics of the relationship between Bob and Lynn. Why do you care? Because it’s honest and sometimes raw and humorously uncomfortable as you the listener relate to how Bob and Lynn share the sometimes personal details of their lives amongst all the fun, music, and other stuff we already told you we do. Were you not listening?

Our mobile app, which you can download FREE by clicking on of the links above (and please subscribe on iTunes!) ┬ápulls together ALL THINGS Bob and Lynn, including their audio AND video broadcasts, personal photos and videos, and share an exclusive “in-app” community of listener where we get to know one another build a big happy Bob and Lynn family!

Look…it’s a free app. Would it kill you to download it and give us a try? There are hours – dare I say DAYS – on entertainment that await you!

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